Event Diary – Louth

Inner Wheel Club of Louth Programme for this year:

13th July 21 – 7pm Supper in the Sheep Shed!! Details to follow. Hostess: J Pocklington

15th August 21 – 2pm Tea/Coffee and cake in the Garden. Details to follow. Hostess: S Hickman

6th Sept 21 – 2pm Knit and natter: Hostess Pam Ledger.

14th Sept 21 -7pm Visit by the District Chair, Christine Smith. Venue Louth Golf Club

4th Oct 21 – 2pm Knit and natter Hostess: Di Broadmeadow

12th Oct 21 – 7pm Meeting with Speaker Mandy Stepehson, Therapy Dogs. Venue Louth Golf Club

1st Nov 21 – 2pm Knit and natter and Shoebox packing . Hostess: Mary Haynes

9th Nov 21 – 7pm Meeting with Speaker Mandy from EDAM & the Women’s Refuge

6th Dec 21 -2pm Knit and natter. Hostess Grace Barker

14th Dec 21 – 7pm Christmas Address by Rudi Bruinwoude, Salvation Army, Venue Louth Golf Club

We hope that members will bring along their partners to the August afternoon coffee and cake in the garden. Plans are also in hand for wreath making in November and a visit to Florence and Paul’s Nursery in December. Many of you have also requested that we have a return visit by Trudy Norris, the herbalist. I have been in touch and we are planning a date for 2022.