Walking the Viking Way

Chris Jones on walking the Viking Way As you may be aware I undertook in January to walk the Viking Way to raise funds for the Lincoln Community Larder. Owing to all the lockdown and COVID restrictions I made the decision to start on sections nearer to home rather than wait until I could travel further afield. For those who don’t know the Viking Way runs from the Humber bridge to the Market Place in Oakham, going through the Wolds, along the limestone ridges north and south of Lincoln, along the river Witham and through wonderful stretches of English countryside in the south of Lincolnshire and parts of Leicestershire and Rutland. The route is 150 miles in length. It’s difficult to be exactly accurate as there have been route changes, as we discovered on the stretch from Bardney near Southrey. On Thursday 29th I will do a short stretch from Donington on Bain to Scramblesby. On Thursday 8th May I will be walking through Lincoln to the top of the South Common. If you would like to join me please email me; jonesclimetree@hotmail.com
We will be meeting in Castle Square at 2pm. Obviously, we will have to comply with the COVID rules and arrange ourselves in groups of 6. It would be lovely to see you. After the Lincoln walk I will have just 24.5 miles to walk between Woolsthorpe and Oakham.
Finally, following my visit with Brenda and Joy last year to the Community Larder l was amazed at the size of the task the larder was facing in just keeping its head above water to ensure that families and individuals in need, received food and basic toiletries.  As a result of COVID, increased unemployment and people on reduced hours contracts, the problem has increased to an unprecedented level. I find it hard to comprehend what it must feel like to have to turn for help, simply because you can’t afford basic necessities. If you feel you would like to sponsor me for the walk please either send a cheque  or do a bank transfer to the Inner Wheel Charity account. (Details below)
Any monies raised through the walk will be added to the amounts raised by Brenda’s card sales, donations and Margaret’s jam sales.
Thank you
Chris Jones